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Managing Menstruation in Extreme Environments Project (MMiEEP)

Our project aims to identify and explore issues around menstruation in extreme or challenging environments around the world, looking at many different factors including types of environment, age, health status, contraception status, cultural background, and practicalities in the field. The project looks to produce practical information for women, informative articles and subject to funding a guide book. Ultimately, the project will seek to encourage solidarity between women, and promote their health and wellbeing, including participation in adventure and outdoor activities.

Menstruation is a globally shared experience among women, but often not addressed in this context. MMiEEP will help empower women interested in, or engaged in outdoor activity by exploring issues surrounding menstruation in challenging environments, and produce both useful and practical information. Women’s Adventure Expo also hope the project will encourage solidarity between women, promote their health and wellbeing, and encourage participation in adventure and outdoor activity.
With 2 million fewer women than men regularly playing sport, according to Sport England’s 2014 survey, we want to find out whether menstruation is a barrier for any women participating in adventurous activities, and if it is, how we can overcome it. Physical exercise is good for mental and physical well-being, and we want to remove any barriers, perceived or otherwise, that may prevent women from participating. This is why we are launching our Managing Menstruation in Extreme Environments Project, which will investigate issues surrounding menstruation and provide information to aid women’s participation.
MMiEEP is a multidisciplinary, collaborative project involving academics, explorers, adventurous travellers, remote workers/volunteers, expedition leaders and companies, and travel health practitioners.  We will gather experiences from many women, and information from many organisations.

The project will also cover many different aspects, including: types of environment (such as mountains, deserts, jungle, marine), possible risks from wildlife, type of activities, stage of life, use of contraception, cultural background, resources and practicalities in the field, including disposal or waste management.

MMiEEP academic adviser, psychologist Dr Emma Barrett, Research Fellow of the University of Lancashire, will oversee a formal academic research study. In addition, the Women’s Adventure Expo are delighted to have a research internship funded by the University of Bristol. The study will gather and collate data to build a detailed picture of experience and practice. Data will be analysed and presented in a range of formats for different audiences; including an academic paper, report and short articles.

The MMiEEP Newsletter

We would like to keep you up to date with MMiEE Project news, we will not share your details or use your email address for marketing. If you would like to know more about the project and how to get involved, please sign up to our Newsletter on the link below. Thank you!

Support the project

Please visit our crowdfunding page and donate to help us deliver this project. Your generosity helps fund our research. We aim to produce and publish a book detailing best practice for practitioners, expedition leaders and individuals. We also hope that this project will open up the conversation surrounding menstruation in extreme environments and support further research in the future.

Complete the Survey

We want to gather as much data as possible in order to carry out our study, and we would value your contribution, so please fill out our survey. This allows us to learn as much as possible about the broad experience of menstruation and its effects on people’s lives.

Sign up for News

We would like to keep you up to date with MMiEE Project news, we will not share your details or use your email address for marketing. If you would like to know more about the project and how to get involved, please sign up to our Newsletter on the link above. Thank you!

Focus Groups

If you would like to engage more actively in the project, we welcome you to attend our focus groups, designed to provide a safe space to discuss menstruation as a barrier to women and girls’ participation in expeditions and adventurous activities, concerns, and menstrual-related problems that may be faced.

Women’s Adventure Expo Main Event 2017

We are holding our third Main Women’s Adventure Expo event on the 7th October at @Bristol. The full programme, speakers and sponsors will be confirmed in July, and the day is for all people interested in outdoor adventure. It is aimed at celebrating the achievement of female explorers and adventurers and will host a main stage with headline speakers, and hold workshops which will inform about outdoor adventure.

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