Women’s Adventure Expo

The first Adventure and travel expo in the UK dedicated to Women

Welcome to the Women’s Adventure Expo!

We are the first adventure and travel expo in the UK dedicated to women. We are also a pioneering social enterprise empowering women who are interested in, or engaged in, adventure and exploration.
We are commited to the growth of a positive global platform which celebrates and inspires women through adventure. We believe in making adventure accessible and inclusive to all women no matter what age, ability and stage of life.
By connecting people, supporting one another and encouraging women to challenge themselves, we aim to raise awareness for, and collaborate with, projects that harness ethical purpose and create opportunities to expand our social value. Keep reading to find out more.
We would love to see you at one of our Women’s Adventure Expo events; join us and be inspired by the UK’s leading female adventurers.

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The Women’s Adventure Expo Takes to the Water is on the 22nd April 2017. The event will be hosted at the MShed, situated in Bristol’s historic harbourside, and our first WAExpo venue in 2015. Join WAExpo as we once again deliver an inspirational day for people, interested in, or engaged in Adventure, and specifically water Adventure!

Our Amazing headline speakers will cover a wide range of water based activities. From epic ocean crossings, to swimming some of the planet’s most challenging waters, you will be inspired by adventure with boats, floats, kayaks, boards and more; or even be inspired to find your nearest spot for a wild swim.

In addition to the headline speakers the day will deliver a variety of 20 minutes talks from water champions and organisations. You will have the opportunity to learn first-hand from fantastic water based projects, plus plenty of time to network and gather resources throughout the day.

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Membership is available now for the Women’s Adventure Expo. Including priority booking for our 2017 events, with two complimentary tickets worth £35.00 each to the WAExpo Main Event 2017.

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Bristol is the home of our annual Women’s Adventure Expo event, you can find who is speaking this year and more about our workshops by following the links on this page.


Useful resources, downloads, ‘how-to’ guides and discussion on topics you feel are important will be shared via our memberships. Plus event news and updates from our Ambassadors.


We are Proud to support our Women’s Adventure Expo Ambassadors; Felicity Aston and Mollie Hughes. These women are real heroines of our ethics and ethos. Follow these two incredible women with interviews and news updates, which are available in our members area.


Our Sponsors make a huge difference to our work and enable us to collaborate on important projects. We are very grateful and would like to thank them for their commitment and support.

You can also become a member of the Women’s Adventure Expo and receive useful resources, event tickets, opportunities to share your own adventure, and more. At the Women’s Adventure Expo we are proud to support and collaborate with women from around the world who undertake significant challenge and adventure to benefit society, change perceptions, and break the mould.

Are Men allowed in the Women’s Adventure Expo?

Yes absolutely, the expo is a platform for all people to celebrate, promote and inspire women through adventure. Although the Expo is aimed at female development, we hope many men will join with our mission and goals to empower women in the adventure community.

What did visitors think of the WAExpo 2016?

Our feedback survey found that 95% thought the event was excellent or very good, and 5% rated the event as good. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, with 85% saying they learnt something new, and 78% saying they felt empowered and gained inner confidence.

Are Expo events suitable for my friends?

Yes, we find many people you would not necessarily expect, are empowered by adventure, and perceptions are challenged. The atmosphere at our events is incredibly positive; it’s hard not to walk away feeling motivated and uplifted. We strive to make adventure inclusive to all women, no matter what physical ability, life stage and/or social position.

Does the Expo promote gender equality in the adventure community?

Yes, the Expo is an open platform for all to empower women through adventure. We are aware many people experience gender bias towards men in the adventure industry. Through our memberships, resources and network we are committed to positively improving gender gaps within the world of adventure.

What can I expect from an Expo event?

You will want to come again! 86% of our feedback said they wanted to attend more Expo events. You can expect to have your self-perceptions and self-limits challenged, also your perceptions of adventure. We provide tools and resources to empower you to plan your own adventures, and from beginners to the most experienced, there is inspiration for everyone.

How does the Expo make a positive contribution to society?

We are expanding our social value through adventure, our events inspire, empower and celebrate women. By collaborating with women around the globe, and partnering with organisations who share similar values, we are able to embed positive messages and actions which inspire change and community action. Our aim is to make Adventure inclusive and accessible to all women, while championing the amazing work of Adventurous women.


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