Our Story

The Women’s Adventure Expo was founded in 2015 by sisters Tania John and Rebecca Hughes. They wanted to create a platform which empowers women, by celebrating and raising the awareness of female adventure and exploration.
By launching the first ever adventure and travel expo in the UK dedicated to women, they found themselves in the company of many amazing people, all hungry to advance a new generation of female adventurers. It was the powerfully positive and inspiring atmosphere at the inaugural event which confirmed to Tania and Rebecca the need to continue the journey and develop the Women’s Adventure Expo further.
In 2016, Tania and Rebecca turned the Women’s Adventure Expo into Community Interest Company, which is a type of Social Enterprise. In doing so they expanded the WAExpo to collaborate with, and incorporate, female-led projects around the globe working in a variety of areas. Such as women’s cross cultural adventure, female-led scientific research, women’s extreme challenge and endeavour in adventure, female-led expeditions for conservation, and women’s community projects facilitated by adventure.
By joining many women together who want to explore and challenge their own boundaries, grow in confidence and self-belief, the Expo enables people to discover success. By sharing resources, networking, providing empowering events, and promoting inclusive opportunities for women, the Expo will become a highly motivated and active community, ready to harness positive action and produce significant and meaningful value to society.

We foster an attitude where we do not blame society. Instead, we positively recognise that we are society, and invest our energy in being the change we want to see.
We value and promote integrity, courage and experience. We do not seek to over stimulate the ego or encourage the objectification of women.
We believe in oneness. We do not divide or separate women through negative competition and judgement. We are inclusive for all women and encourage adventure for all physical abilities and status’.
We promote the power of opportunities and possibilities through connection. We believe by building a strong community the grass roots of adventure will be benefited.
We look for and prize adventure with ethical purpose; adventure that balances’ challenge with responsibility.
We are passionate about securing women’s value in the adventure industry, by encouraging more women to actively participate and benefit from adventure and challenge.

We want to hear all about your adventures too; contact us and let us know what you are up to.