We are very grateful for Lowe Alpine’s commitment to the Women’s Adventure Expo. As our first official sponsors at our inaugural event in 2015, Lowe Alpine have continued their journey with us, advancing their empowerment and support of women in Adventure. This year we are delighted to launch the Lowe Alpine ‘Guide to Adventure’ Sessions! These 4 workshop sessions will take you through your first steps into Adventure, right through to finding Sponsorship. You will also have the chance to win some great Lowe Alpine prizes at the WAExpo 2016. To read more about Lowe Alpine, please follow this link.

The Women’s Adventure Expo is delighted to welcome Silversea Expedition as a partner for WAExpo 2016. We encourage adventure and exploration for all abilities, at any level. Silversea Expeditions have fuelled many travellers’ desire for adventure with marine exploration, land expeditions, photography, wildlife and cultural understanding. Through a highly experienced team of on-board researchers, conservationists and biologists, they encourage an immersive, inclusive and ethical learning environment, and allow guests to experience remote areas of the world in a responsible way. Please follow this link for more information.

It is fantastic to have Ellis Brigham sponsoring the Women’s Adventure Expo this year. We are very grateful for Ellis Brighams support, and together we hope to benefit more women through developments in the outdoor retail industry. Please come and say hello to the Ellis Brigham team, who will be with us on the 8th of October in Bristol. For more information about Ellis Brigham please follow this link.

It is our pleasure to announce Rab as WAExpo sponsors this year, and wish to thank them for joining with us to promote, and celebrate female adventure and exploration. At the WAExpo, our team will all be wearing Rab sponsored kit, so you will easily be able to identify us. We also have some fantastic Rab prize’s at the WAExpo this year, so please stay tuned for competition details. For more details on Rab, please click here.

We want to hear all about your adventures too, contact us and let us know what you are up to.